9 X 6" Heavy Duty Compostable Bagasse Clamshell Boxes (580 ml)

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Elevate your food service while promoting eco-friendliness with Novogreen's 9x6-Inch Rectangular White Compostable Bagasse Clamshell Takeaway Boxes. Specially crafted for both consumers and businesses who prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality. Eco-Conscious Living Transition to eco-friendly packaging effortlessly with Novogreen. Made from renewable sugarcane bagasse, our takeaway boxes are 100% compostable and biodegradable, diminishing your environmental footprint. Meet Every Serving Need With a 580ml capacity, these heavy-duty rectangular boxes are versatile enough to hold a variety of foods securely. Whether you're serving appetizers or main courses, experience no leakage or sogginess. Aesthetically Pleasing The neutral white colour and rectangular design not only enhance your food presentation but also highlight your environmental commitments. These boxes are suitable for any event, from casual to upscale. Safe & Durable Quality matters. Our clamshell boxes are made without harmful chemicals, ensuring they are safe for food contact. Moreover, their robust construction ensures they withstand the challenges of transit and handling. Convenient Bulk Pack When you need to serve in large quantities, our pack of 50 boxes comes to the rescue. This bulk packaging not only fulfils your immediate needs but also proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Novogreen's Commitment We aim to provide a harmonious blend of quality and sustainability. By choosing Novogreen, you’re making a responsible decision for your customers and the planet. Join the eco-friendly movement without sacrificing quality. Click 'Add to Cart' now and make a difference with Novogreen.