9" Heavy Duty Compostable Bagasse Plates

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Elevate your dining experience with Novogreen's 9-Inch Compostable Bagasse Plates. Designed to meet the needs of both large-scale events and intimate gatherings, these plates are the epitome of form and function. Why Novogreen? Bulk Pack Advantage: Our value pack of 50 or 100 plates ensures you have enough supplies to last throughout your event, saving you time and reducing stress. Green Choice: Made from 100% compostable bagasse, these plates are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. They biodegrade naturally, reducing waste and promoting a healthier environment. Uncompromising Durability: Engineered for sturdiness, these 9-inch plates can handle a variety of foods - from salads and snacks to hearty main courses without buckling or leaking. Stylish Presentation: The various colours of these plates brings an extra touch of elegance to your table. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, barbecues, and more, they are a versatile addition to any event. Safety Assured: All our plates are FDA-approved and free from harmful chemicals. Your well-being is our top priority. Make your next event unforgettable with plates that combine style, convenience, and a conscious approach to the environment. With Novogreen's 9-Inch Compostable Bagasse Plates, you're choosing a product that delivers on all fronts.