8oz Ripple Wall Paper Cups - PLA coating

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Introducing Novogreen's 8 oz Heavy-Duty Compostable Ripple Cups in various colours and pattern, Perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Combining sustainability with style, these cups are an excellent choice for the eco-conscious consumer. Crafted with a PLA (Polylactic Acid) which is a compostable coating inside the cups. These cups demonstrate our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. The eye-catching checker/ripple pattern brings a unique flair, ensuring these cups stand out. This pack size is ideal for smaller or larger groups, whether at homes, in offices, or at casual gatherings. The rippled design not only adds a modern touch but also provides a secure grip, reducing the likelihood of spills or heat transfer from hot fluids. Each cup size (8x8x9 cm with a 5 cm base) is thoughtfully chosen to ensure compatibility with standard cup holders, making them a convenient option for those on the go. Despite being lightweight, they are durable and reliable. Choose Novogreen's 8 oz compostable coffee cups for a stylish, practical, and eco-friendly addition to your daily beverage routine.