10" Heavy Duty Compostable Bagasse Plates

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Discover a greener way to dine with Novogreen’s 10-Inch Compostable Bagasse Plates. Available in a convenient pack of either 50 or 100, these plates combine quality, sustainability, and style.
Why Choose Novogreen? - Being eco-conscious is a responsibility we all share. Our plates are made from renewable sugarcane fibres, ensuring that they are fully compostable and biodegradable.
Durability Meets Eco-Friendly - Don’t compromise between strength and sustainability. Our heavy-duty plates are designed to withstand the rigors of any meal. Whether you’re serving hot, cold, or oily foods, these plates will not let you down.
Aesthetic & Versatility - The plates come in a clean, classic design, various colours and suitable for all kinds of gatherings, from formal to casual. The 10-inch size is perfect for serving a wide range of foods, offering you the versatility you need.
Economic & Convenient - Buying in bulk brings the added convenience of less frequent shopping. Our value pack of plates ensures you're well-prepared for any event or simply for daily use.
Safety First - Your health is our priority. That’s why our plates are free from any harmful chemicals or substances, ensuring a safe eating experience for you and your loved ones.
Novogreen’s Promise - We are committed to delivering products that are both high-quality and eco-friendly. When you choose Novogreen, you’re making a conscious decision to be better for the environment and for your family.
Switch to Novogreen’s 10-Inch Compostable Bagasse Plates today and take a step toward a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Click 'Add to Cart' to make your eco-friendly choice now.